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Recorded live in concert December 7th and 8th, 1988, at the Sundance Club in Bozeman and the Top Hat Club in Missoula. Taken from live recordings by David Claassen; compiled and edited by Derrick Bostrom.
"Live in Montana" is a tribute to a time when the Meat Puppets were, as Michael Azzerad put it in Rolling Stone,"one of an elite group of pioneering bands that tirelessly crisscrossed the country throughout the Eighties, blazing an underground railroad of indie-oriented clubs, stores, radio stations and fanzines."

Liberally illustrated with drawings taken from the band's numerous tour notebooks, the album's booklet and cover form a chronical of life on the road depicted from the Puppets' skewed vantage point.

Fueled by the boredom and tedium of too much time on the road (in support of an album already fifteen months old), the band began to integrate more covers and works-in-progress into the set. As their shows got looser and looser, they also began to get silly.

"Live in Montana"includes an inpromptu version of "Cotton Candy Land" from the wretched Elvis film "It Happened at the World's Fair" as well as a lose echo-laden funk/dub jam of UTFO's "S.W.A.T. (Get Down)," during which soundman "Davo" Claassen's live mix effects are clearly evident. The jam segues into an embrionic version of "Attacked by Monsters," which at time still featured lyrics based on a parody of the Beach Boys' "Kokomo." Later, during "Party 'til the World Obeys," Curt encourages fans to "ignore your duties and responsibilities."

Which isn't to say the Puppets ignore theirs. Amidst the comedy, the band find time to crank out blistering versions of a dozen of their own tunes including "Liquified," "Automatic Mojo," "Touchdown King," and "Maiden's Milk," as well as "Lake of Fire" and "Plateau," made famous by Nirvana on their "Unplugged" album.